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Massage is a scientific method of manipulating the soft tissues of the body to have specific effect. Its objective is the restoration of function, release of tension and the re-establishment of the contours where this is desirable.

"Massage Therapy" is:

  • The holistic application of physical touch to affect the systems of the body; ie. the muscular, skeletal, digestive, elimination, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine, emotional, mental and nervous systems.
  • It is the manipulation the soft tissues of the body with the hands for therapeutic, healing, relaxing and pleasurable effects.
  • It is the loving touch of the heart expressed through the hands.
  • It is not physiotherapy or any practice of manipulation of the skeletal structure.

Open Mon - Sat from 9:00am - 7:00pm
Closed Sunday
(By Appointment Only)

Amy L. VanEvera L.M.T. and Reiki Master Practitioner

Amy is your Massage Therapist

After attending the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy, Amy Vanevera founded Faith in Hands Massage Therapy as a comprehensive therapeutic facility in Upstate New York.


Our therapist understands that not everyone will enjoy the same kind of massage.  For that reason, she is trained in a number of techniques and will work with you to determine the best options to continuing health.  Upon arriving, you will be asked to complete a short questionaire that will allow our therapist to fully understand the issues you wish addressed. Massage therapy is a very personalized experience.

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